{ Maternity Portraiture} Alvyn & Vynee + baby

Vynee told : " The baby wake up very early today because he know got photo shooting session at early morning."
He can sense that he will be playing important role today. I am so amused, Hahaha…. . Thank you to Alvyn and Vynee for giving me a chance on this pregnancy photo shooting. This is my 1st time on pregnancy photo shooting and I feel so fresh mixing with fun and enjoyable time! I love to see their smiling face when communicating and playing with the baby. They are expecting the newborn and hope that all this great moment can be capture to be share with baby. Congratulation to the father and mother to be, Alvyn and Vynee! Share some of the interesting photos with you all. Thanks for viewing my blog!

Venue: Malacca, Taman Seribu Bunga