Daniel & Elizabeth

Venue : Kuala Lumpur


Daniel & Liz said…
After one year of searching for a good photographer who doesn't charge an outrageous price, we finally appointed Chin Whei as our main photographer for our actual wedding day in KL, Malaysia. His photography skill and professionalism had further convinced us to say YES to him.
Although we'd never met him before, we had a few conversions once a while online and it felt like he is one of our old friends. His first impression to us at the very first time we met, cheerful, making jokes, telling us how to pose and where to stand, even arranging our furniture just to snap that perfect photo, was sensational. You DID make a great impression to everyone on that day!
The slideshow we played during the dinner reception came out perfect and sentimental, it brought tears! The photos are crisp, clear and emotional like they are telling stories.
Of course, we've received a lot of feedbacks from our friends and relatives on his professional services. We are sending out your contacts CW, I'm sure you don't mind ;-)
We would like to thank Chin Whei for capturing the special moments that will last forever. Your devoted and professional services will surely bring you more businesses and loyal fans around the world!
Hope to see you again!

With love,
Daniel & Liz
(Your happy customers / friends)
TCWPhotography said…
Hi Daniel and Liz, Thank you sooooo much on your testimonial. Really appreciated.