{Pre-Wedding} MyChar

Venue : Singapore 


Anonymous said…
A great experience on my very own PWS with the professional photographers

Indeed, had engaged second round of our own Pre-wedding shoot since June. Thanks to Chin Whei also known as TCW who really inspire me alot during this session.

This session purely happened in the Singapore itself, i always wanted to do it in Singapore but given my tight schedule i will never have the chance to do it. Chin Whei is the rarely one of the those who always share his thoughts, skills, ideas, angles, perspectives, almost if you ask him everything he will answered with his knowledge pool as wide as he could.

Knowing him since facebook advertisement and love his work most of the time. He has a pair of very unique sensitive eyes and never miss a spot to take a great angle, couple of test shots and he know exactly what to do next.

Personally, i learned tons of stuffs from him. Not only the perspective, angle, skills and etc, there are attribute things like professional which you will find him when we talked about photography, his working attitude and so on.


P/S: One of the shot that i love the most and which taken while Chin Whei allow me to buy couple of minutes to take a shot of da-wife. He gives me freedom while pressing the shuttles, and surprisingly as a photographer he never rush / push me out. He keeps encourage me to bring along my very own humble D80 along to take shots if i have a slot to do whenever possible. Hardly come across such a patience, always cheerful and positive thinking towards even in the the bad weather to come. He always has his own way to backup his plan...