Celebrating Eric & Kiristyling

9:12:00 PM

It is my first experience travelled to Kota Kinabalu for actual wedding day shooting. Eric and Kiristyling have tailor their wedding ceremony to be personal with Sabahan Cultural.Their wedding are celebrate and attended by family and close friends from all over the world. The super sweet locals have welcome their guest with traditional welcome cultural dances. They call it Sabah Ethnic Tribes unique dance which consist groups from Murut, Kadazan and Lundayeh. Their wedding place is filled with dancing and laughter. Eric and Kiristyling family members have performed songs dedicated to this beautiful couple, it is seriously amazing night to remember with the combo of dance and singing. Their love for music, lots of gigs and vocal together is really a fun and enjoyable night. We love the mingle around environment, the great playlist of music and the comfy welcome. We feel so lucky that Eric and Kiristyling have entrusted us to captured the greatest memento of the day. 

Congratulations to your marriage and enjoy every moment of your love life.

Venue : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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