{NR} MAX & WINNIE ~ Wedding Dinner Reception ~ Kuala Pilah

This is our first trip to Kuala Pilah by driving the one hour curvy road from Tampin but yet adventurous for us. We able enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air during the whole journey.

Kuala Pilah to us is countryside and great to see some old shops that span across decades but in spite of that the other side of Kuala Pilah is also urban with all the new built up shops and hotel.
Max &Winnie wedding dinner is held at SRJK© Chung Hua which is bride wedding reception at Kuala Pilah. I like the culture of punctuality here as Guest is arriving sharp at 6pm. Big applause to the Guest at Kuala Pilah!
Thanks to Max & Winnie by giving this opportunity being their photographer and the compromising photos from Saturday night's celebration are slowly making their way onto my blog and facebook. Hope my photos will be wonderful memories in the future for both of them. Convey my heartiest Congrats to Max & Winnie.

Additional photos of Kuala Pilah with many of the pre-war Chinese shophouses.

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