What Client Say about TCW

From Lucas and Sherie : My wife found Tay thru his instagram photos and we decided to engage him as our photographer for our short trip in Melaka. He was very friendly and professional and it made us feel very comfortable posing in front of the camera. he also has a great eye for shots and emotions. you can feel his love and passion for photography and that is what sets him apart from the rest of the photographers. Love the outcome of our photos! though it was just a casual theme shot in melaka, he was able to capture the emotions and feelings in them. it was exactly what we wanted and love about his photos. Definitely will recommend Tay for any prewed shots or actual day shoot. will engage him for any of my Malaysia trip in the future also! Once again, thank you Tay for your awesome pictures!

From Vincent and JoeyWhen it came to deciding on our wedding photographer to capture that one most important day of our lives, we are so glad to have chose TCW! He is extremely professional, not to mention, very talented and creative. He captured those natural, important and emotional moments so WELL. He is so patient, has great ideas, and always made us feel at ease. Thank you again for photographing our big day so beautifully - it was everything we hoped for and so much more!

From Tiago, Ilona and GavinI found TCWPhotography 8 Months ago on instagram .We are currently living in Malaysia and I wanted for my son first birthday the best photographer! We absolutely love all the photos - they are incredible!! You have serious talent and we were so excited to see them all !!! We are so happy with them:) You were so relaxed and friendly, making us feel very comfortable posing for photos! It was such a pleasure to work with you. We really enjoyed the locations you took us to . We are so pleased with our photos - you have an incredible eye for a great shot! I will definitely recommend you to friends !!
Gavin~João , Tiago , Ilona

From Rayburn and EvelynAfter 3 months, we have finally received our wedding photographs from Tay CW . Thanks to TCW Photography for the lovely pictures, we really love it a lot. Seeing all the photos brought tears to our eyes!! They couldn't have been more perfect and I can't wait to go through them and put our albums together! Thank you so much for being part of Rayburn Liang and myself wedding and capturing these precious moments that we will never forget.

From Aaren and KatheleenTay was my very first choice photographer from the moment I came across his photos from facebook. He has a great eye for shots and managed to catch all the emotions, excitement and laughters of the day! The photos tell the story and bring back every feeling from our love, i then realize so many of my smiles begin with my husband! Unlike normal bridal studio photos, THANKS for capturing these candid shots with our big smiles and our love perfectly!  Love my photos and the whole experience! Would definitely recommend for 5 STARS! 
Thank you for being part of my big day - tcw photography!

From Dalston and GeorgiaI found TCWPhotography from seeing some pictures done about 7 years ago, from a friend of mine, and I loved his work. Ever since then, I have had TCWPhotography do all of my maternity and family photos. What can i say? I am really lucky I have found TCWPhotography. TCW is an amazing photographer and wonderful person. If there were more stars on overall rating he deserve 5 stars on top!  'We definitely will see you next year!'

From Alex and SophiaWe knew each other about 8 years from the bored engineer to the award photographer. I feeling proud on his achievements and I know these will never stop. I certain that one day if I being asked to marry someone, without any second thought my only photographer will definitely is him. He born to be a photographer which can capture the moments. In his eyes, he can see the touch and moments that we feel. With all high technology that now we have, I believe taking a nice photo is not that difficult but does everyone able to “freeze” the touch feeling into the photo? Believe me, he able to do it!!! A lot of worry before going to prewed shooting, thanks for always stay with us! I will always be the fan of TCW!!! Thanks Boss Tay !!!

From Kang Wei and Kang NingWhen I first saw TCW’s photos on his website I had decided to have him as my photographer for my pre-wedding photoshoot. Photos taken by him were so fascinating! (honestly there was no other photographer who could change my mind after looking at his work). Amazed by his skill of utilizing natural lights to produce these stunning photos. He is so good in capturing all the natural expressions of people. Most importantly, I love how he guided us throughout the shooting session(especially for us who don't really used to take picture :D. Yes he has got us everything that we wanted and we truly enjoyed the process! My husband and I were so impressed with the outcomes (in love with the little exquisite woody box too!). Thank u TCW so much for the awesome hard work, and of course a BIG thanks to Cath as well! Everything wouldn’t be running smoothly without u. All the best to both of u! TCWPhotography

From Brian and EliseAbsolutely THE BEST photographer around! TCW makes us feel at ease the entire time and truly captures the most amazing shots—-both unique and timeless. He has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what we wanted on our wedding day. I would highly recommend him to any family or friend!
Brian and Elise

From Alan and Wai KeatThe motto says it all, he really sees things in artistic ways we normal humans can't imagine. We've engaged him for pre wedding, actual day and several family portraits. He's the best you can get. Just book him early. If not most likely he's already booked

From Adam and SweyiYou will never regret to have Tay for any kind of shoots!
Tay and Cath are superb professional and will definitely gives you the best of them. You will be surprised on the outcome I must say. You will be able to find your another side of face which you might not noticed that you could be look so nice in photos! My shoots are something different from what they usually do but it’s definitely a very good job done by them. Thanks you both and I can’t wait to share my photos to all my guests! - they see the difference in you -

From Ryan and Suyi : TCW was patient and professional throughout the photoshoot process. There were useful discussions on venues, props, themes and outfits prior to the shoot. During the shoot, it's amazing how TCW can secure the different moods! From 韩 style couple shoot, Italian summer, local heritage, old Shanghai, sunset by the beach, Tokyo street style, cosy room. Not only does he manage to get us in position well, the 眼神 he captures are so evocative. Mesmerising pictures indeed... He was also well prepared with gadgets like walkie talkie to communicate with us while he took photos from a distance away. He's a perfectionist who wouldn't stop working at it until he gets the feel he wants. A few times, he made all of us get to work again everytime he found a new inspiration, even though we had already wrapped up for the day. Most importantly, a big thank you to Cath for being by our side all day and taking behind the scenes videos to capture all these precious memories. We will certainly treasure your videos ~~

From Louis and Wan ChinGood photography. Though the weather is hot, his professionalism was not compromise at all. Felt very comfortable during the shoot. It was a enjoyable evening shoot. Love the outcome. Thank you Mr Tay and his assistant for their help.

From Ian and StephanieTay is extremely professional, friendly and passionate about photography. we are very fortunate to have had him as our photographer; we couldn't have asked for anyone better. thank you for your dedication and hard work Tay!

From Chee FamilyTay the ever obliging and smiling photographer. Thanks for delivering the best family photo shoots. We will definitely come back for more ...

From Tan Family :  A words to TCWPHOTOGRAPHY. Engaged TCW as my photographer for 3 times (maternity, family and big reunion family) shooting are the best decision that I have ever made. Each of the shooting outcome has never fail us but simply make us amazed and adored on those beautiful and gorgeous shots! He really captured all of the emotions and special moments that will allow us to always look back and remember the love that we felt for each other. Two thumbs up to his excellent services where truly put his heart and soul into the work and we thank you for that!

From Alvan and CharleneThanks for captured our special day perfectly. The photos look awesome. We feel so lucky to have U (Tay CW ). Looking forward to seeing all of the photos.

From Jaydee and Ivy We have confirmed Chin Whei's services before we met up. Right after our first and only meet up prior to our wedding, Jaydee and I felt so glad and lucky that we have engaged Chin Whei! We could feel his professionalism and sincerity through our interaction and the advices he gave us as we were pretty clueless at the start. Communication leading up to the wedding day was also prompt and smooth. On our wedding day, Chin Whei and his team put in 101% effort, arriving earlier than the agreed time and ending slightly later as we had abit of overrun. He also made sure we got the necessary shots we wanted and kept wanting to use the last bit of time we had to take the groomsmen n bridesmaids shots. We appreciated the effort n passion in all the little details. I still remember him sweating buckets during our ROM as it was a very warm day and we had it outdoor. We have received all our wedding photos and liked the emotions n feelings captured in them, exactly the style we wanted. Thank you TCW!!

From Joshua and StellaHaving Tay (TCW) as our photographer is one of the best decision we made for our wedding. He is impressively fast, accurately directive and an absolute joy to have around. Lighting adjustments were swift and there were hardly any waiting. Taking photos in the midst of actual days' many other programs became such an enjoyable and memorable experience. We love the moments captured through his lenses and will be sure to recommend him to other friends getting hitched.

From Steve and BonnieEngaging TCW as my AWD's photographer was a dream I always have it in my mind since the 1st time I saw his shooting photograph. On 12/2015 , right after we decided our wedding date ; without hesitate I contacted TCW & booked him. Due to our busy schedules, we have not meet TCW at all till our AWD. But we give 100% trust & confidence to TCWphotography. We only communicate thru messagers n calls when the wedding date is near. I always have faith that TCW is a real * person people * , he has a beautiful eyes and beautiful heart to capture all the beautiful and precious moments. TRUE enough, lately we just collected our AWD photos and it is AWESOME! So touching! A photo says a 1000 words. 我们大家都陶醉在你所拍的相片里。

From Eric and KiristylingExcellent photography skills and dedication, Tay is amazing in photographing the great moments of our entire actual wedding dinner/reception and he will never fail to deliver the awesome photos that made us smiles!! Thank you so much Tay!!

From Danny and KeanneWhen 2 camera shy persons came across with TCW, the result is sparklingly amazing. He marvelously made us just gone through a relaxing yet joyful moment of lifetime without even noticing we were actually right in front of the camera. We didn't know we could look such fantastic in the photos. Thank you very much for having you in celebrating our love!

From Jing Siang and Sui TingHello Tay, thanks for your professionalism & great works. We really love it. It's great to have u as our wedding photographer. Looking forward to see all the photos. Wish u all the best ya.  Regards Mr. and Mrs Hong

From Sunny and CherylYou are always our first and only choice on all our special events in the past and future. Sincerely appreciate all your hard work to capture our memorable moment. We don't know what we want but you will always give us surprises. As always in your eyes we see the difference!!! Tay CW you are the best!!!!!

From Alvan and CharleneWOW! I just keep on looking it again and again! You've done an incredible job. You captured it perfectly. Thank you for your professionalism on that day. We found the whole process incredibly stress free. Everything is just exactly how I wanted it! Tay CW - a personable, honest, direct and has such a distinct and gorgeous photography style. He is easy to work with and fulfill all my request. I would recommend you to anyone!

From Eric and Kiristyling Thank you very much to Tay of tcwphotography for taking our awesome and brilliant pre-wedding shots. It was really great to have you as our wedding photographer as you have lots of passion and full of new photo shooting ideas to make the photos looks more stunning and natural. Both Kiristyling and I love it very much!! I hope God bless you with abundant grace and love that you may make more wedding couple happy with your awesome talent in photography.

From Jansen and Jenny :Superb Awesome photographer Tay!! Thank for ur great jobs and you never disappoint us!! You really turn our good memory to last forever!  Once again, massive thank you for the masterpiece, a special box of memories which will be cherish and relieve over and over again! Definitely a wise decision made !一级棒

From Karen and Benjamin :TCW- Exceptional Photographer!It's one and a half months since our wedding day and I'm still keen to share how excellent TCW is! If you look at the rest of his reviews, you'll notice a constant theme- Tay has great people skills, and he is exceptional at taking the stress out of your wedding day. Tay is an experienced photographer, and he is able to take things in his stride, conceptualizing shots and photo angles on the fly. After meeting him on the wedding morning, I was able to relax and enjoy the day, knowing that the photography portion was in capable hands. Being very awkward photo subjects, Tay's warmth really helped us to loosen up and relax, making for natural, joyful photos. We had never met prior to the wedding day, and his friendliness and bubbly personality helped to break the ice immediately. Photographers can feel intrusive with their big lenses on such an personal, intimate occasion, but with Tay, it felt more like we had a friend along who was also snapping shots! Tay's people skills also shows in his adept handling of large unruly groups of guests, efficiently yet nicely arranging people to get the best shot. Many of our guests also requested Tay to take photos with their multiple mobile phones, and to take many large group photos. Tay handled all the requests with a smile, never once showing even any trace of impatience at the barrage of requests. We even had comments from guests praising Tay for how helpful he was in helping to take group photos, and how he well handled the guests. Tay is also diligent in prepping for the day- as we are in Singapore, he was unable to physically scope out the wedding location, but he made use of Google Street View to identify good backdrops for shooting. He ran through the schedule for the day carefully, ensuring we plan it realistically for the photo editing to be in time. This exemplified his professionalism, and how seriously he commits to capturing your wedding day. All in all, we highly recommend Tay for a stress-free experience!

From Gene and Christine :I just came back from my prewedding shoot in Malacca. Contrary to what my friends told me that it would be very tiring, it was an amazing and memorable experience for us! The fun moments we had with our vendors are still running in my head. How I wish that day did not end so fast. I would like to give credit to our photographer Tay, and makeup team Eric and Agnes.Our photographer Tay took extra time to meet us a day earlier to recce places to shoot. It was a two-way discussion, asking us for opinions and preferences.  Throughout the actual day of shooting, Tay was very patient and professional. He continued to build rapport with us to capture the most natural expressions. He was also very encouraging by saying 'good shot, very good etc'. This positivity helps my HTB and I alot as we become more confident and relaxed. We realized that its not only about the skills a photographer has or his portfolio, it's also about how he took the extra mile to achieve the perfect shots and building the chemistry with us. He also didn't fail to remember little things we mentioned before and took them to heart during the shoot. The next day after our photoshoot, he even brought us around some places in Melaka for good food, despite him not having to do so. We have indeed found a friend in him, and not just a passionate photographer who takes pride in his work. My makeup team Eric and Agnes have vast experience as they do makeup not only for brides but also celebrities, editorials etc. Words cant describe how much i love my makeup and hair. My MUA Eric did a great job. I only had to show him examples of the makeup I like and he was able to create the look that suits my personality while incorporating what i like. My makeup lasted for more than 12 hours despite the hot humid weather. I have pixie hair and this may be challenging for some MUA/hairstylists as most brides keep long hair. However my hairstylist Agnes has no problem with it. I only had to tell her i like it short & chic but yet keep abit of feminine. Agnes nailed it exactly right! She also managed to secure the veil onto my very short hair and my hairstyle stayed intact the whole day. The moment i saw my completed look, i went 'Wow, i love it! Thank u!'. Eric and Agnes also followed us during the shoot, making sure I look the best for every shots. They are very fun-loving, cracking jokes along the way. They were very engaged and also took casual shots with their phones to share with us. My HTB and I are very blessed to meet this fantastic team, who made our experience stress-free and memorable. It is more like a friendship created than just vendor-client relationship. 

From Jenny and Lun :非常感谢TCWPhotography ,从一开始至今的一流服务态度,超自然的拍摄手法,达到我们想要的效果。虽然等待成品的时间有点长但我能说的是“ IT'S WORTH THE WAIT" .

From Grace and Justin :You will be amazed! TCW is amazing! Our moments captured by TCW are very personal and filled with emotions. Being stressed throughout wedding preparation, TCW left me stress-free. I know I can leave it to him without any worries. And our wedding pictures turned out simply wonderful! He just have that gift to capture your very best. 

From Galvin and Angel :To our photographer Tay CW I have never seen such a professional, patient, sincere and genuine photographer until I met him. He is so good at finding the best angle and capture the most natural moments of us. Despite all the circumstances he still managed to capture the best picture and moments for us simply because he doesn't want to leave any regret on our wedding day. Strongly recommended!

From Jeff and Ally :Tay, we received the photos and...WOW! They are amazing! I wanted to thank you for doing such a truly amazing job on them. I love the DVD cover (packaging), it looks simple and classic. I am so excited and happy that we choose you as our photographer. We truly appreciate and admire. I have to say, you exceeded all expectations we had for a photographer. 

From Yau Chung and Ena :Aww... Incredible Tay. You are simply amazing! You never failed to surprise us with your talent! No fancy props needed but beautiful moments being captured by you. You really see the difference. Thanks again for the wonderful moment! We are so lucky to have you as our photographer since our wedding time. Big thank you again! Super LIKE!

From Grace and Alvin :Right after my wedding day, I told myself I must write Tay a testimonial and I noted it down in my to-do list. One year on, even though we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I still have not pen it down. So here we go without further delay... Why I am still so eager to write Tay a testimonial a year on is because he’s just simply amazing. We did not get the privilege to meet Tay before our wedding day so all we could do is to trust his professionalism. There are many professional photographers out there but what made Tay stand out is that he is not just any professional photographer, he is one with a big heart. Tay has the talent to guide and lead you with ease. He’s not there to just photograph the wedding, he’s a part of your wedding.  As I’m finishing up on my wedding photobook (also one year late :D), the photos bring me back to what seemed just like yesterday and never fails to put a smile on my face. I feel very thankful and count my blessings for the opportunity to engage Tay as our wedding photographer. :)

From Nicky and Lynda:I knew TCWPhotography was my choice for my AWD photo shoot ever since I went through his blog a few years ago.. started to book him more than a year ago even though the wedding venue haven been set yet.. Lol.. I have so much faith in his skill and have no worries at all on the out come of the photos.. Thanks for the wonderful photos!!

From Bob and Joanna : Dear TCW, We would like to apologise as we know this is a super delayed testimonial. TCW's efforts and photography is REALLY AWESOME.1. TCW's photographs really proves the saying " A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS"It has been 9 months after our wedding but every time we look at the photographs taken during our     wedding, we would really recall and have like a "flash-back" on what happened 9 months back.         Looking through the pictures every now and then is really fun! Usually, we would only scroll           through the pictures but every time we look through, we would realise the funny expressions of us, our parents, relatives, guests and our bridemaid and groomsmen. PS, my grandmother and little cousin have been viewing those photos for numerous times to date. 2. Working with TCW is really STRESS-FREEBoth my husband and I don't know how to pose for pictures. Our wedding day with TCW, he took shots when we were not even realising it. This really helped us as well as everyone who were present as we need not worry how we looked like in the camera and SURPASSINGLY all pictures were very natural.  3. TCW and wife are really very HELPFULOur wedding date was changed after we made part of the payment. Although TCW didn't have any other clients taking that date, but the previous day he had another wedding shot in somewhere far in Malaysia. He really tried his best and made the effort to rush down and fit into our schedule. In fact, out schedule was really very tight - basically from morning 7am till after our night wedding banquet, TCW and wife only had a little rest for dinner. We are really thankful for him following us through the busy day.Thank you TCW for the wonderful photographs an all your help! You will NEVER regret engaging TCW as your photographer! He is not only an ordinary photographer but he is another friend you can make once you engage him :) Bob and Joanna

From Danny and Ivy :I'm so glad that I have you as my wedding photographer. Your shots are so natural. There are no pressure when facing with your camera. Will recommend your services to my friends. Two thumbs Up.

From Augustine and Jieen :Dear CW,Thank you for delivering all these beautiful pictures despite all the constraint and challenges that day chase etc :p! You made the session fun and we're enjoyed ourself more than we ever thought we'll be! A million thanks and hugs for you!Cheers, Aug and Jieen

From Hsiao Farn and Crystal :To our handsome photographer Tay CW TCWPhotography, You are big part of the reason why our wedding day was such a wonderful occasion for us! Thank you for your time and effort that you took to come and celebrate with us and once again thanks for your great work. Really appreciate it. You gave us such a memorable day. We definitely will see you again for many many years. 

From Sheylee and Jack :Thank you, Tay for taking such lovely photos on our special!! We feel so lucky to have you as our photographer.  ~ Love Sheylee and Jack ~

From Sim and Yee Wan :I hope this did not come too late as I sincerely would like to thank Chin Whei for an incredible job done in capturing absolutely stunning photos for such an important event in our lives. I'm also grateful that you spent so much time in rushing the album for us given only a short 2 weeks frame. We are amazed at your professionalism and passion.We definitely enjoyed the shooting process as you made it so happy and funny at the same time. Such a joy working with you. Most importantly you definitely are a pro at capturing my best angle given its our first time working together!I must say that you have given us great memories and captured them in photos to last us a lifetime. Looking back at the photos, we constantly reminisce on the success of this meaningful event.You are no doubt one of the best decision we have made for our wedding! You definitely are an amazing guy as I'm happy to say we continue on as friends till today.Wish TCW Photography all the best and success! You deserve it!

From Rose and Timothy :<感谢>很感激在一次的工作中认识Tay三年前的相识,我跟他说如果我有幸结婚,会找他在香港拍婚纱照。这是一个承诺,三年后我真的找他,从无考虑其他人。到wedding day 我也决定找tay 来香港為我们拍照,虽然我已大早book 了2p2v .但Mr Wong 亦非常同意我这决定。因為tay他一人费用已贵过2p2v啦。多谢Mr Wong接受我的任性~哈哈结婚前一天Tay 来了hotel room 看看环境..不断思考..行来行去😂到当天7am已来拍照。从来看到镜头,我们都怕会挡著摄影师镜头拍照,但他却叫我们不用刻意迴避。自然就好了。我喜欢的相片是偷拍那种..不经意的..自然的。因為我已经有standard摄影师好好的jeffy。所以我希望是real snapshot
Real real real !!!!!!!加上他是外地人,他的相片是没有框框限制的。他看的是有点不同。一整天他只叫我摆两次pose真的只有两次..我们也觉得很舒服。我不懂拍照,但我很清楚明确知道自己喜欢的style .相片自然,有光但不刺眼..不生硬..完全不要味精。不需要只拍我,因為其他人才是主角。(放心,我从没有写list 跟tay 说我要什麼要求..因為真的太有信心嘿嘿!)很多朋友看了相片说...没有想过是这样...哈哈,很多人说结婚要请tay 丫
Tay 虽然不懂广东话,但能说流利英语,国语。因為我妈妈是说马拉话,她还经常跟我妈妈说马拉话,我的家人和妈妈都说很亲切:)
最后,一整天最难得,是我老公在晚上主动上前跟他握手say thank you ...
Tay ......无限感激!!!!!!!!!
Rose and Timothy

From James Family :Hi,Tay.. 您好!还记得我们吧?!看了一张张你为我们拍摄的照片、只能说一句赞!非常专业!拍摄手法非常独特!拥有非常敏锐的‘触角’、一瞬间就能判断甚么拍最美、能让人感动、共鸣!借此,我们夫妇俩想跟你说声。。谢谢您!因为你。。我们找回当年非常爱拍照的自己。。因为你。。我从父母口中得知,当年他们拍摄婚纱照时的情景。。可见得,你把他们六十年前甜蜜的回忆都唤醒了!对我们而言、这是一种感动!因为你。。原以为小孩子会怕陌生人、不肯合作。。谁知道在短短的几分钟,两个女儿就跟你`打成一片'。。好像好久不见的大哥哥。。。如此可见,你是位随和、平易近人而且有耐心的人!也因为你。。原认为拍特辑是件非常沉闷、累人及浪费钱的事。。因事后都将它们收在厨里。。这些观念都没了。。反觉得一切都是值得的。。至少,当我们想追忆时、随时都可拿出来。。。所以,Tay 。。我们 James+Sping+Zoey+Iris 在此祝愿tcw photography 能长长久久,这样当我们想拍下人生的某一片段时。。您一直都在!

From Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool Kuala Lumpur :Hi Chin Whei,Thank you for rendering us your services!Here is a testimonial from us:We have thoroughly enjoyed working with TCW throughout the week-long assignment. Tay took our brief and direction for the shoot really well as we explained to him our requirements and objective. We were looking for the right photography to facilitate our company's re-branding efforts. Turns out, he exceeded all expectations when we reviewed the outcome of the photo shoot.We appreciate that Tay is responsive and takes the right initiatives, we could basically leave him to do what he does best with a piece of mind knowing that he will cover all grounds. Highly professional with a fascinating eye for detail and passion for his work, arrives early to shoots, takes care enough to meticulously perform a site recce prior to shooting, there is no doubt that we will definitely rehire him for future projects.We would like to thank you for going the extra mile for us and for accommodating to all our requests.  

From Dalston, Georgia and Ernest :We cannot thank enough for this unforgettable experience. We really love the pictures, especially those ones with the children. It was an extremely difficult situation, because my boy didn’t want to cooperate at all, but you kept relaxed and professional and managed to capture lovely scenes. It was a great day with a great photographer and the result is just amazing!

From Lai Family :No words to describe, we absolutely love these photos from you Tay.

From Louis and Eileen :Since one years ago i had decided to book you , and yet i have no regret to choose you to be my photographer in this important day.. thanks tay for your professional and always keep updating with me on time to know my needs. Cw Tay really thanks for those lovely and gorgeous pic! U really did a good job! Thanks for capture those perfect moment and its really awesome. 

From May and Yue (Singapore):Dear Tay, thank you for your professional service and wonderful pictures... these pictures are very meaningful to us. And we really have my happy 20th anniversary! !! From Seeh Ming and Rui Song (Singapore):When we first contacted Chin Whei, I am sure that I have found the right photographer as he is prompt in response and friendly. Chin Whei is what we called a photographer that is 'close to the heart' for the both of us. His passion and dedication to bring out the best of us in the pictures is really remarkable. He also advised us to create many heart to heart moments for our families so that it could be captured on pictures and be part of our good memories. He is not just our photographer but also our friend who has helped to capture the wonderful moments  for our wedding and we are very thankful and grateful to have met him! 

From Pei Yuan and Siew Mei :Thanks tay, it was an awesome experience to shoot with you.

From Valerie and Jeremiah :Thanks for all the beautiful shots! The pictures are capturing all the wonderful moments with friends and family.

From Steven and Ai Zhen:Tay, thank you very much for the great memories. It is easy to see that you love what you do and it makes the whole experience so much fun. The passion and professionalism you have made us feel very comfortable and allowed us to be our crazy selfs. We love how the pictures look so natural. 

I have to be honest...When Ai Zhen told me we were doing the prewedding photoshoot for 1.5 days, I thought to myself how are we going to take 1.5 days worth of pictures!?!? At the end of those 1.5 days I did not want to stop taking photos because it was just too much fun.

We can't wait to see all the finalized pics and see you again on the actual day!

Steven and Ai Zhen

I have to be honest...When Ai Zhen told me we were doing the prewedding photoshoot for 1.5 days, I thought to myself how are we going to take 1.5 days worth of pictures!?!? At the end of those 1.5 days I did not want to stop taking photos because it was just too much fun.
We can't wait to see all the finalized pics and see you again on the actual day!
Steven and Ai ZhenI have to be honest...When Ai Zhen told me we were doing the prewedding photoshoot for 1.5 days, I thought to myself how are we going to take 1.5 days worth of pictures!?!? At the end of those 1.5 days I did not want to stop taking photos because it was just too much fun.We can't wait to see all the finalized pics and see you again on the actual day!Steven and Ai Zhen

From Jan Hou and Rachel :TCW were engaged as our actual day photographer. We love TCW for the following reasons: 1. Their work were so NATURAL Both of us were camera shy, most of the photographer couldn't really handle us, but TCW managed to catch each moment naturally. 2. Their brilliant work in producing the SAME DAY EDIT slide show When slide show played during the dinner, we both felt that all the effort pay off! Couldn't really describe how much we like it! 3. Their PROFESSIONALISM Waking up at 530am?!(or earlier?), then non-stop slavery work til the end of the dinner(11pm!!). Yes, this is life of a dedicated photographer in our eyes. Well, in our case, We were treated with so much of patience, they were so attentive and considerate through out the day, nonetheless, we can feel their enthusiasm and passion in capturing every single moment in the most important day of our life. 4. They were CHARMING, LOVELY, a GREAT FRIEND indeed :) You don't get instruction, but advise. You won't feel stress at all working with TCW. TCW and his wife are extraordinarily friendly, at the end, we get much more than what we were asking for - nice photography and a pair of new good friends!( we meet up again with Tay and Cath in Bangkok during their visit to the land of smile). Last but not least, would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation over TCW's effort in making such a great memories for the rest of our lives!

From Darren and Stacey :A man who is awesome, passionate, always do the best of the best and see the difference.

From Wai Kit and Serene (Singapore) :Thank you very much for capturing such beautiful memories for me and Wai Kit all my friends and relatives have very positive feedback on the quality of photos, great job! Pls also help extend our thanks to your wife too.

From Hsieh Tao and Emily (Singapore):Thank you so much for your great guidance for me and hsieh tao. I enjoy the services you instruct us so far. I had seen our photos in your website. And totally love them. The photos look alive and have meaning in them. Worth choosing you for our special day . Great work! 

From Kuan and Vivi

I have known Cw Tay for years. A very humble home grown photographer. Simplicity and direct approach are the core of his work which is also something that I really like. I'm glad to engage him once again. So what I did on Valentine's Day? Of course become model la 

grin emoticon
From Ka Ho and Rose (Hong Kong)

終於完成了這兩天的prewedding,很感謝特地從馬來西亞飛來的攝影師Cw Tay
我知道我們不容易拍…因為Mr wong不喜歡拍照…
但我很感動…拍到mr wong很有型…很帥…
Tay!thank you soooooooooooooo much !!!!!and your wife!!
I just want to say a huge thank you to my Prewedding Photographer Tay from Malaysia!!!a lot of my friends asked me about my prewedding photos!asked about you,Tay!
Every single picture that you captured are recording our emotions..our crazy laughs and LOVE!!!
Through your lenses,I can see a very real ''RoseLau'' and handsome Ka Ho XD and you were so professional and made us felt very calm and at ease throughout the entire process as we both are not a natural in front of a camera . But you still directed us very very well .
i decided you to be my photopgrapher when i met you 3 years ago..
its not all about your good photos...it was because i can see your heart ,your passion and you are a very good person!
i still remember you didnt eat anything during Anthony & Le Ching's wedding dinner and didnt take any rest.
''tay..eat something first!''you said'' i am okay..i am not hungry..''then kept taking photos(nonstop mode) with smiling face.haha
i was impressed.( how come malaysian eat soo less..huh?XD)
We can`t thank you enough ,Tay!!!
your professionalism,enthusiasm and your sincere care brought us to have a most special moment.
Again,We can`t wait to see all of your photos!!!please hurry up!hahahahaha!(Just kiddingXD enjoy your hoilday first!)
Either way, wish you all the best and keep your passion to take more and more''Awesome'' photos
thanks Anthony & Le Ching
thanks Regina & Keith
thanks Tay and Cath
Rose Noisy and Timothy Kaho

From Nicholas and Li Rong(Singapore):

Thank you so much for your hospitality. feeling v grateful for you n Cath! u reali make us feel so welcome n comfortable throughout the whole photoshoot. even when we were tired. u had to make us laugh with ur chinese new year song! hahaha. its reali such a pleasure working with you.TCWPhotography Cath Wai Ling and Yuki Moh! I nv thought i would look tat great in pictures. lol.. you 3 reali made such effort in making the whole thing work! I can only say.. you are soooo awesome!!! and we have gain another fren.

From Boon Chia and Vinccy :

Ah Tay!!! We would like to say thank you for your professional services during my biggest day in my life. You have made our best day of our lives a memorable one.
No doubt your skills is the best for both of us and we've made the best decision on TCWPhotography @ Tay !!! You are always so thoughtful during these period. Really appreciated that and we hope to take this opportunity to thank you and your lovely wife again for everything. I hope you enjoyed your time in Kedah! 
Keep in touch.
Boon Chia and Vinccy

From Derek and Hanna (Singapore):

Thanks tay for all your support and guidance during the wedding.. your presence was reassuring and your tips went a all way! It was great working with you and matt.. the chemistry and synergy definitely brought our engagement to another level! Thanks again and have a great 2015 ahead... and look forward to more of our pictures :))

From Adam and Karen :

You have made the best day of our lives a memorable one! We have made the right choice:TCW! Thanks TAY! 
from Adam and Karen

From Alvin and Grace :

Very nice photos and nice working with you. As some of my friends said, the photos really show how happy everyone was during the day :) 
Thanks again!

From Chen Ang and Pui Mun :

Firstly, we would like to give a very big thanks to Tay & Cath for their effort, we truly love the photos and the montage. Well done!
We knew TCW Photography on Facebook through research online when that time we started preparing for our wedding in 2013, it is one of our preferred list of few AWD photographer. After a series of observation of their updated photos, we were impressed by their sense of capturing the photo, we decided to engage TCW as our AWD Photographer and it is just because we really love their photos.
We believe that he is able to surprise us and capture down our precious moments that we can keep forever. Before the actual day, we contacted Tay for discussion and throughout the whole session he is always friendly and patiently advise us for our wedding detail as well the ideas of photo that he going to capture. 
As a result, we are satisfied with Tay's work. Thanks to Tay and Cath for assisting during our wedding, they tried to calm us down, give us idea and guide us throughout the wedding. We truly appreciate and this is totally worth for it. Looking forward to view more pictures that captured during the AWD. 
From : Chen Ang and Pui Mun

From Sunny and Cheryl :

Thank you so much, Tay. You really make our big day a special ones. Cheryl and I are no regret to hire you as our wedding photographer in pre wedding as well as actual wedding shooting. In your eyes , you really see the differences even you are injured yourself on the actual wedding day. Yet you show your professional attitude and spirit in photo shooting and this make us really appreciate with what you had done. This photo are really stunning. Love it so much!!!!
Keep it up with your superb energy in your shooting career. "Good action, great production!!!"
Sincerely from Cheryl Koh Pei Sze and Sunny KC Yap

From Nick and Cai Szu:

I started to follow TCWphotography about 4 years ago. His work never ceases to amaze me and I knew he is the right person to be my pre-wedding shoot photographer when the day comes. Finally my dream came true! He is always patient and took the time to listen and understand what photographs I wanted. He is also cheerful and spirited when it comes to capturing the artistic element of the image! Million thanks again for the overwhelming and amazing photographs. You have definitely captured the best moment of my life and emblem it into eternity!

From Jian Feng and Hui Ling (Singapore):

Thanks to our photographer Cw Tay and team for the awesome services by taking note of our requests and producing great quality works which will leave us with good memories of our big day with all our loved ones, our family relatives friends and colleagues.

From Met and Ling (Singapore):

~ Love It’s Only You ~
First knew TCW Photography 2 years back during my bestie’s wedding.
His photos left a deep impression in my mind as I am really amazed on the way how he captures the moments. And to my surprise, Met like Tay’s photos at first sight in which he hardly comments much over such topic.  Indeed, choosing TCW as our wedding preshoot photographer is our best decision. 
Tay, being really patient listens to what we like/dislike and being more than a photographer who always go to the extra mile to make us feel relax & fun during the pre-shoot despite of the big sun and our tiredness. 
I have received all items (CDs, canvas and album) and we are very happy & satisfied with it.

From Andy and Sook Fenn:

Hey Tay,
Finally got the chance to sit down and drop you a testimonial ! Andy and I wanted to say thank you very much for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. We were truly impressed by the creative angle you caught. We are glad toknow a nice friend like you. Hope to catch up with you soon in Melacca!
Lastly, we will never regret to engage you to be our wedding day photographer. Your pictures never fails to telling us ' In your eyes, You see the difference'.

From Boon Chuan and Su Juan (Singapore):

Both Sujuan and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to TCW for helping us to capture the wonderful memories on our actual wedding day. Your jovial nature and patient guidance made the whole process very enjoyable and fun! Saw the preview shots and they look Great! The natural feel of the shots made them very appealing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos! Thumbs Up for TCW!

From Simon and Kaylee :

Our believe " in his eyes he see the difference !" An awesome photographer and friend :)

From Dennis and Janesse :

The preview was amazing!! You have an eye for details and see things that ordinarily, others would not notice. We absolutely love the pictures, I think that's why we are so anxious to see the rest of them. We knew they will come out good as the best gift to the coming new member of our family. Thank you for capturing that important moment in our lives.Thank you!!

From WS and SW(Singapore):

Thank you TCW for capturing the memorable moment during my wedding. We love the shot captured. Thank you very much!

From Sunny and Cheryl :

We can't explain what we want but you are just too amazing to read our mind and gave us such surprise memorable shot. Cw Tay you are really great! 

From Eugene and Joyce (Singapore):

One of the best decisions ive made for our wedding was engaging Cw Tay for our actual day wedding photoshoot..Fell in love with his photos first time i saw his works..was so touched witnessing our awd photo highlights when the beautiful moments captured that morning was played..and each time i watch the montage i fall all in love again... thanks Tay, cant wait to see more photos from u!!! 

From LiLian and Aaron :

knew TCW would be my wedding photographer from the 1st time I stumble upon his blog 2 years ago. Loved his photography style that capture natural & spontaneous moments. He gave us plenty of tips prior to the wedding and highlighted some areas which we overlooked. On the actual day, his jovial personality helped tremendously in capturing natural shots of us  Was also very excited when TCW accepted the challenge of taking some shots without me and hubby seeing each other prior to us exchanging vows. He's very passionate in his work and goes the extra mile to fulfil our requests. Very happy with the results...Check out his work in the video below or you can visit is FB page TCWPhotography for more info. 

From Tze and Hui Zi (Singapore):

Cw, Tze Shien and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for capturing those precious moments. Your cheerful and encouraging nature makes the entire process so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the making a difference to our day with your keen eyes for details and a heart to help us safe keep these moments. Love it and God Bless! 

From Adrian and Ginny (Singapore):

TCW as our AD photographer on 14th June 2014 is definitely the best decision we have ever made. He is always patient, accommodating and encouraging. What's more he is able to bring our life story out pretty well! Do take note we are both Deaf and it is quite difficult for such photographer to capture the moments. With him around, we felt so relaxed and didn't harbour any worries or concerns at all. By the way, he was recommending us to watch the highlights during the dinner which we were not supposed to watch as we had to do the 2nd march in; however he assured that we will definitely not regret this decision and boy it was true!! Watching it made our wedding even much more memorable. :) Our family and friends are impressed with TCW and we highly recommend TCW photography! Adrian and Ginny would like to wish TCW photography all the best and we will definitely be engaging this service again. Please do not forget us.

From Kevin and Cornie :

 Thank you Cw Tay for the beautiful photos. You've caught the moment of us! Love them so so much.

From Eric and Kathy :

A big THANK YOU to TCW for doing such a good job in capturing the best moments on our wedding day. We have definitely made the right choice in engaging you as our photographer. We have only seen the preview shots and is loving all of them. Can't wait to see the final product and we will definitely recommend you to our friends too.

From Swee Shiong and Serene (Singapore) :

Thanks for giving us the privilege of experiencing a warm and fun photo shoot for both our pre-wed and actual day. Thanks for bringing out the "feel" and personality of us and our loved ones. Can't asked for more from a guy who has passion for what he's doing.
P.S. Getting loads of compliment for the shots taken. They loved it 
Catch up for durian soon!

From Dalston and Georgia :

To our photographer TCWPhotography - We have huge smiles plastered on our faces after seeing these sweet, beautiful photos. Not only did we have a wonderful time at the shoot, but the pictures turned out better than we ever could have imagined!! It is hard to express how much we love them. They are perfection. You are perfection.

From David and Joey:

Hello Tay,
We would like to give you a big thanks for all of the hard work and effort you put into our wedding photography, especially considering all of our requests and demands. It was a pleasure having you around to make our special days even more special, and your lovely photographs are going to remind us of that for the rest of our lives.
David and Joey

From Calvin and Shirley

Don't think there can be enough thank yous for you, CwCalvin and I would like to sincerely thank you for all your painstaking effort and initiative in capturing our fun and intimate moments throughout the day! Didn't know the Portuguese Settlement jetty could look so stunning. Haha. Lastly, hope the day-after-wedding massage session you had was good! LOL. To everyone else, he's the man you'll want to be photographing your wedding! You've got our word for it, for what it's worth!

From Jean and Lawrence :

My humble point of view on TCWPhotography
Tay not only is an amazing photographer but an amazing friend too.
I got engaged in Oct'12 which I started researching furiously for photographers. What I didn't expect was "the" photographer is just in front of me. 
I first met Tay in Dec'12 at my cousin's Melaka wedding dinner. He gave me a good first impression for being the professional dude whom showed up when no one did & quietly does his work when the bride's entourage running up & down for the decos & thousands of other etcs.
My cousin loves his work & can't stop complimenting how nice is he & his work which made me decide to engage him for our wedding shoot, both bride & groom side dinners. However he was not available for the bride side dinner. I was feeling down for a while. Then, miracle happens.
Tay kept in touch with me from the day I enquired his service checking how was my progress in searching for my bride side dinner's photographer. He proactively helped out & gave me a few contacts for my decision which I really feel grateful to have a pro by my side instead of researching the entire market & making myself exhausted. Then, I found David from SeventyOne Productions (photographer) & Gary from Moments (videographer). Both amazing & skillful talents in their area. These efforts really shows that Tay is not only in for the business but for connecting people as well which I believe how every business should be.
It was even better on the actual day wedding itself. Tay was not only the photographer but the coordinator as well. He arranged the positions (furniture/people), direct the entourages which produces awesome pictures & most importantly everyone was happy. He cares about every details. From the lighting of the ballroom to the position of the bride & groom onstage. I can really feel his passion in his work. Yes I may only have 1 wedding planning experience but I have attended handful of weddings to be able to say that Tay is really a great wedding photographer.
Dear Tay, both Lawrence & I would like to express our gratitude to you for not only capturing great moments of our most important day in our lives but also taking care of us by watching the details that we never think is important.
Keep up your good work & remember to spare some time for our long overdue coffee catch up!
Stay great dude!

From Poh Tuck  and Jessie :

Hi TCW, we, Poh Tuck & Jessie sincerely need to say thanks to you for your hardwork & really happy to have you as our Photographer for our AWD. You really delivered the results above our expectation. We are very satisfied with your shooting and photos. We love your passionate, creativity, smile, & professional way of doing things.. Keep it up, TCW & always carry your " full of sweet & love feeling" whenever you are.... hahhhaa...Well Done!!

From Suta and Grace (Singapore):

Hi Tay
Firstly, Happy birthday!!
All the best wishes for you and your family
Secondly, we owe you a testimonial
We really want to wait until we see all the final product so we can judge in its entirety.
Choosing you as our photographer is definitely one of the best decisions we took during the preparation.
You gave us the entire 933 photos and more than 95% of them are really well taken pictures from every angles of our wedding.
You are someone who is passionate about your work, willing to go the distance to do more, and a true professional in your heart.
Our heartiest recommendation or anyone out there to pick you (I believe some of our friends already contacted you actually)
It’s not easy to find someone who is so good in pre-nuptial and on the actual wedding day, but you are definitely one of the rare ones out there.
Your eyes for the moment and positioning for the angle are just spot on.
It’s true that in our eyes we see the differences.
Thanks Tay for your hard work
Really appreciate it and feel free to publish our testimonial.
Suta and Grace

From Yi Xiang and Ya Hwa (Singapore):

Glad that Ya Hwa and I have chosen you as our wedding photographer, your professionalism and passion towards capturing beautiful moments and images of the whole wedding process simply amaze us. Have pleasure working out the process with you with minimal corrective shots. We do remember that the first time we meet up with you and you mention your direction is more towards capturing a side of “nature” moments. We agreed that you are working towards the right direction.I absolutely adore that picture you place our wedding band rings on top of the truck, good display of creative and instinct. After the whole process on day 1 is over, you still request to come back for a shot on the truck with the ring on a different background really shows your passion! We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you. Keep up the awesome work! Ya Hwa and me, 4 thumbs up for you! Cheers

From Chung Foong and Rita

Thank you CW for capturing our important moments beautifully. We really love the detail of your shots & accommodating our family needs perfectly. Luv it !!!! - CF and Rita

From Bernard and Cheryll:

A testimony from the deepest appreciation takes much thought and time. We have meant to leave a little note here for the longest time. Though somehow, we have never managed to find the right word to reflect fairly on the entire experience. 
Chance had a lot to do with it. In the fateful circumstance, the whole experience was a very natural process. With comfort and confidence, we knew we were in great hands.
We didn't worry about lighting or angles. No fancy lingo nor jargon. It was about being in our element, creating our own memory, and trusting him to freeze it forever.
To someone we now call our friend, in his passion, we do see the difference.
All the best in your 5 year plan! Do keep us in it !

From Dr Fong Chin and Yun Lum:

TCW, I'm so great that I have you as my wedding photographer. Your shoot is too lovely and so natural. I have no tension when facing wit your camera. Thanks alot^^ hope to meet u soon 

From Yoon Heng and Wai Chin:

Yoon Heng and I would just like to say, we r absolutely honour to have you with us on this big day! The hospitality given to u is no comparison to ur patience & laughter created during the photo sessions. My entire family is so happy with the photos shown during the dinner, even my house helper was really impress with ur work. Thank you for all the moments captured and continue your passion in photography.
Regards, Wai Chin and Yoon Heng

From Maya and Arun (Singapore):

Thank you TCW! You are an great artist:) Arun and I are so happy that we engaged you for our special day. 

From Dalston, Georgia and Ernest:

TCW Photography - From start to finish, our experience with you was wonderful. Thank you for capturing our precious children - even though for most of the shoot he was not acting so precious haahaa. You were patient, creative, professional and gave us exactly what we wanted -- A special memory of our children that we will have for a lifetime. 
Sincerest thanks
~ Georgia and Family

From Charlotte and Olivier (Singapore):

First of all A BIG THANK YOU to TCW!
We are very happy to have chosen TCW as our photographer. His pics are just what we wanted: natural and outstanding! If we could give some adjectives to describe TCW, these would be super professional, discreet, friendly and funny!
So without any doubts we would recommend him!"

From Ivy and RedZ :

Great photo!! Btw, we deeply appreciate and would like to thank you so much for your efforts done during the most important day in our life! So many awesome and memorable pictures taken on our actual wedding day, and very very big thumb's up for those who get tcw as your photographer!!

From M and W :

Tay is a natural at what he does. He has an artistic eye and is great at capturing emotions and special moments. He has a way of telling your unique story through his lens. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with him.  Beyond his artistic talent, he is affable and makes his subjects very comfortable in front of the camera. Furthermore, he is quick at sharing some of the photos he has taken with you online so you can share them with your love ones.We are blessed to have such beautiful photos and we have also met a new friend.

From Sai and Yao :

Working with you has been a pleasure. You go above and beyond our expectations as a photographer, we always felt comfortable during our shoots and we were always happy with the results. Wish you success in your career. Thank you so much for everything, Sai & Yao

From Edmund and Eunice :

Thanks Cw Tay for the great pic! Me and my husband really enjoy the whole photoshooting session !!! u really did a good job !!!

From Trixie and Kelvin :

Cw Tay, we would like to say a big thank you to you! You did a Great Job with such a professional skill of shooting. This is the result that we wanted! Everyone of my friends likes your shooting style, really beautiful! Also, from here we can see your hard work! This is no regret of choosing you for our big day photographer! 2 thums up for you!!!;D

From Jarrod and Amelia :

Chin Whei our friend, where do we start? Firstly, we'd like to thank you for making us feel comfortable & giving us encouragement during photo shoot although we are "camera shy". It was our first time having a "paparazzi" around, but you make it SO FUN! It seems like it was just yesterday, that we did the photo shoot together. We see that you really enjoy doing what you do, and you are good at it. We loved your work, and it's gonna be played during our wedding dinner & lunch reception. It's wonderful to have a friend like you, and we wish you have more and more success in the coming years. I'm sure we will demand your services again ;)

From Joe and Casper :

Dear Chin Whei,
记得当初决定拍婚纱照时,因为想突破传统拍些特别的照片,于是通过朋友的介绍认识了你。看了你的作品,和你沟通见面了几次,我们就达到共识。拍摄不是我所擅长的,我很紧张,但你不会让我们有压力,反而很轻松地和我们聊天拍摄。也谢谢erene chong的帮忙还有废墟和坟场蚊子的陪伴。哈哈。拍摄完了也没有传说中的累,只是很高兴玩乐了一整天也认识了一位摄影师兼朋友。
看到照片和录影的那一刻真的很感动很满意。谢谢你为我们留下美好的回忆。。。thank you sooo much!  
from: joe and casper

From Josh and Amanda :

Choosing Chin Whei as our offical photographer no doubt has been the best decision we have made on our big day. He is very detail-oriented and aims for the best in every shot he does. We have booked TCW more than one and a half year ago and communicating all the time only via fb/email without meeting face to face nor phone calls. The moment I have seen his works I knew we have to book him right away. Thank you Chin Whei for all the gorgeous shots, everyone is really satisfied and keep asking who is the melaka photographer who did a fabulous job? Last but not least, let me reassure you that you will be amazed by each pictures taken by TCW and it's all worth it to book him well in advance since he is getting more and more popular! Keep up the good work and all the best from Josh and I :)
Last but not least, let me reassure you that you will be amazed by each pictures taken by 

From Ivy  and  Ah Boon :

What's TCW?
A fren who captures the most beautiful and memorable moments in your life
Thanks for the PERFECT pictures taken.loving every snap of it
Thanks once again
Boon and ivy 

From Wei Li and Wan Sin :

The outcome won't be so great without ur skills.(TCW)

From Desryne and Anson :

Dear Chin Whei bro,
Good morning. Anson and I would like to express our greatest appreciation to you for being the most attentive photographer for our Big day. I can see you really enjoy your work a lot, that's the reason why you would never failed to deliver great art work!
How do I know? Coz I heard you humming cheerfully while working and giving us your sunshine smile all the time! How sweet~
Thanks for being more than just a photographer. Giving us the great brotherly love and care, making sure we are totally comfortable throughout the whole day of our wedding. Your friendliness won our parents' and friends' heart too. This is so cool!

Again,thank you for everything!
With Love,
Desryne and Anson

From Jin and Apple :

I was so glad n happy that i have a chance to meet u n engage u as our pre wedding photographer.
Thanks for going so far n many place with us this 2 days and wake up so early yet so cold weather. Thank you for able to make me look so feminine in the photo.. haha
It's was a great photograph session with u, and it's definitely a fun n happy memory that v will remember in our life time....
一位典型的白羊座,不会喜欢太过拘泥於形式化的东西。当初在考虑结婚配套的时候,第一个选择是外国的配套;然后在机缘巧合下,在一位同学的结婚喜宴上,我接触到TCW的作品,才突然惊觉,原来马来西亚,也有这么有创意的摄影师。我,从那时候开始改观,也开始与Chin Whei 接洽。
很多朋友都会说,婚纱配套都是浪费钱的东西,婚礼以后,它只是藏在床底下的东西。可是,对我来说,拍结婚照的过程,就是一个回忆,一个我们老了以后可以回想的一个过程。Chin Whei 的亲切,就像认识了很久的朋友,让整个拍摄过程很有趣,很放松。他也不会叫我们摆一些很做作的动作,我们就好像平常那样,而他就是把那瞬间摄下,把那平常的,变成特别的,这就是他的魅力所在。

From Steven and Jei Jei :

We are glad that to have you as our photographer. Loved your professionalism made taking photo fun and relaxing. Our pictures are amazing and we really enjoyed having such a great person to capture the memories pictures. Thank you again and again. Meow ~

From Ku-YO and Yen :

Dear Chin Whei,
Knowing you since my twin hired you last year for his Pre-Wedding Shoot (PWS) and I never thought of Pre-Wedding Shoot (PWS) could be somehow greatly unique. Your masterpiece has impressed me and changed the way I used to have presumption on the conventional wedding PWS package.
After spending some time for surveying other photographers’ portfolio, we finally considered to take you as our PWS and AWD photographer. Reason simply being your great work is more towards to our taste and preference. Of course, the price of the package offered is considered reasonably acceptable and it matched to our budget too.
Thank you for the recommendation, patience and contribution during the period. I love your gumption time arrangement even there was a sudden changed on the weather that against us. Without you thoughtful ideas, I believe that our PWS wouldn’t be done smoothly despite the weather wasn’t being nice to us.
It was pleasure to work with you. Your humbleness is the key that lead you to the success of your career.  Because of that, we become friends more than just business dealing relationship. I truly wish you excel in your career future undertakings.

From EJ and SL :

Tay, thank you so much! The shots are amazingly excellent! We love it so much! Just couldn't wait to share the preview shots to our friends! Thanks again!

From Sam and Sherine :

Hi Chin whei, thanks for the fabulous photos!!it's so natural ! Sam and I really impressed with your creativity. You can just spontaneously find a perfect spot everywhere!! Thumbs up with the service you provided as well:)) We are so glad that we got you as our photographer:)

From Alan and Wai Keat :

Thanks Chin Whei! Both Alan and I are very happy and delighted with the outcome of the photos! Indeed, you have done a great job again! We are happy to share our beautiful pre-wed, wedding and now pregnancy moments with all our family and friends as you have captured it perfectly and beautifully! Thank you very much for the effort, I'm sure baby Esther would be able to feel our excitement through your shooting!

From Jia Ye and Sin Ting :

我和宇一直想拍摄自然简洁的结婚照。经朋友介绍浏览了TCW的网页后就知道他是我们心目中的摄影师。摄影,我们不在行,但至少今天看着TCW为我们拍摄的专辑,心是欣喜的, 我想若干年后依然如此。就是喜欢拍出来不温不火却恒久能耐的感觉。 谢谢TCW, 让我们在欢笑愉悦中度过传说中极疲惫的一天; 记忆中,当天的夕阳好美,你让我们捉住了那一抹金黄。。。 Jia Ye and Sin Ting

From Jeevan and Seri (Singapore) :

thank you tcw for the amazing photography, wonderful service..you were a joy from beginning during my enquiries to the end product you delivered. a photographer with such creativity and talent, he is spontaneous and finds opportunity to take that perfect shot no matter what environment he's faced with. must admit, im not exactly an ideal "model" for great shots given my unskinny frame ie fat hahaha but even with those challenges he delivered! thank you so so much chin whei, you made our first experience with photography such a memorable one and i think we fell in love with each other all over again during your shoot. you bring out the best in your subjects! highly recommended, five stars!

From Ong and Penny :

Hi Tay, I hope it is still never too late for me to say thank you after half year of my marriage. I can never forget you are the first "thing" that I confirmed wanted to book even I haven't know when will my wedding to be, this is because I spotted and i like your passionate.
Your professional just unlike others business photographer who just want to get their job done, you had a good sense and you really made us see the things different. Thru your pics, I can recall all the precious and happy moments on my big day, and you had successfully help me to lock the happiness in pictures, until my old days.

Once again, big thanks to you and hope you will keep on the passionate, continue to made things different. 看你的照片是种享受,享受着那充满爱的回忆。

From Dennis and Joey :

We were both very impressed with Tay's style and professionalism in handling our photo shooting session. He made us both and my two little monsters fully enjoy the session with full of fun. We like the photos very much especially the montage video, it was so emotional during our viewing. We will recommend the experience to anyone. Thank you Tay. Warmest Regards, Dennis and Joey.

From Kiang and Sandra :

Tay, we like these photos :) they're really beautiful and so sweet! all great shots! thanks for your patience and expertise during the photo shooting section, we had so much fun with u! lastly, appreciated for the quick review. :D

From Nichole and Wai Siong :

Hei Tay!!! I love those photos!! Couldn't believe with my own eyes when i saw those photos. You really surprised us. Gosh... Didnt expect that we have the chance to know one another for PHOTO SHOOTING! I glad to know you and i really glad to have u as my photographer. Love those laughter and joy with u during the photo section. Hehe finally "OUR VALENTINE 2012" project completed. What would the next project gonna be in 2013? Will chat up with u soon...... We shall wait for "OUR VALENTINE 2013"....

From Mr and Mrs Yow (Singapore) :

Would like to thank you TCW for your wonderful piece of art you have given us on the most significant day of our lives. We have received lots of positive feedback from our friends and relatives. You are indeed a very professional photographer and we are glad that we have made a right choice by choosing you to be our photographer on our wedding day.
A big thanks to you again! 

From Lawyer Mr Chow and Ms Low :

I really wanna say big Thank You to TCWPhotography for a good job well done! The style, the colour & the feel and every detail that TCWPhotography captured are indeed what I am looking for, they are so natural and touch my heart. Once again, thank you to TCWPhotography!

From Dr Sem and SL :

Hi, my wife and i love the AWD photos very much! We are so lucky to have you during our big day. keep up with your good work and hope will have another photo shooting session by you in near future. Thank you!

From Lai and Ling Ling (Singapore) :

Much thanks for the amazing results Tay  We are so fortunate to hv U! = )

From Henry and Elaine :

Cw Tay!! Just to drop by to thank you for doing an amazing work. Just love the design and high quality of the photobook provided excellent service. We are so lucky to have you. The outcome are so great. Hereby, we sincerely thank you and ur lovely wife for the warmest hospitality. C u on 18th March.. Cheers!! 

From Dalston and Georgia:

We are so amazed by your talent at taking beautiful pictures. Thank you for the lovely photography skills you are sharing with us. You made us feel so comfortable, so relaxed, so much fun and laughed, it brings out the best of us. You are a pleasure to be with! You did an outstanding job and we are so pleased with the results. Thank you so much for your great work!!! We will be using you again in the future! 'TCWPhotography is definitely not just a photographer but an artist!'

From See Hong and Yok Mei:

TCW, only manage to meet this guy on my actual wedding day and he turn out to be the most creative and passionate photographer I had ever meet. Not forgetting his sense of humor, there will be laughter wherever he is around, making the photo taking fun and memorable. Thank you, TCW for all the great moment you capture for us. Both me and my wife love your work very much especially the photo slide show you did for the wedding dinner. Words cannot express our joy and laughter when the slide show replays all those special moment capture by you. Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of our heart. (See Hong and Yok Mei)

From Min Yoon and Charlene:

A great experience on my very own PWS with the professional photographers
Indeed, had engaged second round of our own Pre-wedding shoot since June. Thanks to Chin Whei also known as TCW who really inspire me alot during this session.
This session purely happened in the Singapore itself, i always wanted to do it in Singapore but given my tight schedule i will never have the chance to do it. Chin Whei is the rarely one of the those who always share his thoughts, skills, ideas, angles, perspectives, almost if you ask him everything he will answered with his knowledge pool as wide as he could.
Knowing him since facebook advertisement and love his work most of the time. He has a pair of very unique sensitive eyes and never miss a spot to take a great angle, couple of test shots and he know exactly what to do next.
Personally, i learned tons of stuffs from him. Not only the perspective, angle, skills and etc, there are attribute things like professional which you will find him when we talked about photography, his working attitude and so on.
P/S: One of the shot that i love the most and which taken while Chin Whei allow me to buy couple of minutes to take a shot of da-wife. He gives me freedom while pressing the shuttles, and surprisingly as a photographer he never rush / push me out. He keeps encourage me to bring along my very own humble D80 along to take shots if i have a slot to do whenever possible. Hardly come across such a patience, always cheerful and positive thinking towards even in the the bad weather to come. He always has his own way to backup his plan...
看着一张张的照片po 上来,心里十万分感激,很欣慰我的他找到他也选择他⋯⋯
当然,在这里所要提及的是TCW 这位很棒的摄影师⋯⋯他,一个无私和乐于分享他的知识的人

From Daniel and Liz (Romania):

After one year of searching for a good photographer who doesn't charge an outrageous price, we finally appointed Chin Whei as our main photographer for our actual wedding day in KL, Malaysia. His photography skill and professionalism had further convinced us to say YES to him.
Although we'd never met him before, we had a few conversions once a while online and it felt like he is one of our old friends. His first impression to us at the very first time we met, cheerful, making jokes, telling us how to pose and where to stand, even arranging our furniture just to snap that perfect photo, was sensational. You DID make a great impression to everyone on that day!
The slideshow we played during the dinner reception came out perfect and sentimental, it brought tears! The photos are crisp, clear and emotional like they are telling stories.
Of course, we've received a lot of feedbacks from our friends and relatives on his professional services. We are sending out your contacts CW, I'm sure you don't mind ;-)
We would like to thank Chin Whei for capturing the special moments that will last forever. Your devoted and professional services will surely bring you more businesses and loyal fans around the world!
Hope to see you again!
With love,
Daniel and Liz
(Your happy customers / friends)

From Kok Kwan and Joanne:

Hi Chin Whei,
Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for doing an amazing job photographing our wedding. The expressions and emotions you were able to capture was wonderful. My husband and I are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with you. We are now anxiously waiting to see the rest of the photos! :)
Joanne and KK

From Yau Chung and Edah:

Dear TCW,
Love the fabulous photos!! can't wait to see the rest!
And the SDE that you did for us was just fantastic! It was really a BIG surprise to us!!
Once again, thanks for capturing the special moments for us!!!
We sooo glad that have you to be our photographer of our big day!
Lots of loves,

From Eric and Rainy (Singapore):

Tay, thanks once again for those lovely photos! We had a great time with you on our big day and hope we can work together soon ya!

From Henry and Elaine:

Just love your job.. Great piece.. Thank u so so much!! Cheers!!

From Sam and SuVern:

thanks TCW for taking such wonderful photos for me and Sam. looking forward for more photos...haha! ;P

From Tan and Jess:

Tan: thank you chin whei..all my friends say the photo is really beautiful.. you are a top photographer. we are very happy with the photos.
Jess: thanks chin whei, u make us looks more stunning and gorgeous in the photo. Thanks for capturing the happiness and "HANG FUK" moment for us. Thumbs up and keep it on. We strongly recommend u. Definitely, we will appoint u as our pregnancy and new born photographer.

From Dr Martin and Emily:

Hi tay, thank u very much shooting for us all our memorable moment from our actual wedding to pregnancy n now for lour little boy Ignatius. Your work it's awesome. We really love it and appreciated. keep it up. :) From Martin and Emily

From Clement and Sabine (France):

Thank you very much for your great talent. the pictures are perfect.
Many thanks for this teaser. The photos are fantastic! You have managed to make us look beautiful. We look forward to seeing the rest!

From Chze Kian and Alicia:

Well done! Love the photos very much. You did a good job. Keep it up! TCW Photography will always be in my future list.

From Liew Kok and Pui Chan:

Hi,We do appreciate your good job for our wedding video and photo you taken. We can't believe that you prepare an very nice boxes to put all the photo and CD for us, very excited when we received it. Keep it up, love your hard work and design.

From Veron and Koey:

hei, good job and well done!! so happy that i make the right desicion~ really looking forward for the rest photo. hehe
keep going! YOU ARE THE BEST :D 

From Kuan and Vivi:

I'm very happy to engaged CW Tay as my wedding photographer. I'm also very impressed with the way CW Tay handle all his shots in difficult situations. Me, my wife and my family are vert happy with his work. It's just a matter of time, you are going to be one of the best, probably you are already one of the best. Thank you so much.

From Liang and Linda:

thanks so much to Tay for helping us during our big days, and give us those really beautiful and nice shooting. Really appreciate that.

From Alan and Wai Keat:

We are very satisfied TCW Photography customers. The photographer is very professional and knows what best to do during the shooting session. Both me and my husband love the way he handles the whole shooting session. The photos are of very high quality and we love the design of the photobook! We would definitely recommend TCW Photography to anyone who is looking for high quality and yet reasonably priced photography services. =)

From Lisa and AL (Singapore):

TCW is a great photographer to work with. He puts in the extra effort to understand his client's needs so as to achieve the best results. Thank you for capturing all our special moments and making us look beautiful. We have received several compliments on the photos. Looking forward to more posts, keep up the good work! Lisa and Al.

From Voon and Rita:

Thanks TCW Photography for given a memorable & wonderful photo shooting session to us. That was our first experience on that & thanks again for the great effort that help us adapt into da shooting mood. The photos look nice and we were impressed. Definitely will return for your service on our next occasion.

From Ricky and Cubee:

thanks tay , this few days had trouble u , bt the weather raining , u still do yr best responsibility to complete it .We are so excited , u help us do the best and sweet moment in our life .u seems like lovely angel.=) we are so like yr photograph skills and photo , really seriously nice o , appreciate u !

From Thong Thong:

hey, veri veri nice....i like it....thanks a lot ya.....^@^

From Jeremy and Charlene (Singapore):

Hey CW! Thanks for being our photographer for the wedding dinner & the outdoor shoot. The photos are great and we like it so much! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Keep up the good work!

From Andy and Fanny:

my ''lao kong'' n i like this photo o...;)...got ''feel''in all photo tat u take..thanks a lot o....

From Jason and Racheal:

Gee... Great photos, Tay! Jason & I are really happy with the end result. Thank you for being simply the best! Keep in touch! =)

From Keith and PinXin:

hi tay,it was fun having you capturing our precious moments! the pics you have posted so far kept us & our family & friends wanting more! keep up the good work, keep in touch & stay happy =)
from pin xin and keith

From Alwin and Alice:

Thanks tay... capturing all the beautiful moments for us... we love the photos very much....can't wait to see more and more and more photos of us appeared in your blog.... :)

From William and Kate:

Hello... Tay.. thank you very much and greatest appreciation from me and William for the cool pics done by you.. definitely a good recommendation to others. Your creativity and pleasant approach is your asset.. Keep it up!

From ALVYN and VYNEE + baby:

-'Vynee Yong'- I'm the mum-to-be, who want to thanks Tay done this sweet memory for us... will continue supporting Tay always ^^

From Glenn + Eileen:

Eileen Khoo: What act cute.. it's cheeky ok!! My personality marh.. cheerful like sunshine! Ahem ahem.. I really love this picture, Chin Whei very pandai!! 
Ee Jia Khoo: good photographer and good man~! :)

From Ivan and Nicole:

Nicole Lim Pei Tin: Thanks ya, Tay. All these photo are very pefect. I ready ready love ur shoot. Very profesional.

From Kelvin and Kit:

Kit Chin: good good good!!!!!worth it worth it!
NuanTaui Chin: i have an urge to get married after seeing all these nice shots.:) . good job, cw!

From Jason and Danielle:

Jason Goh: Lovely, Nice, Excellent...good job man...gracias =D

From Kok Ann and YaiYee:

Skillful photography and outstanding effect made our wedding so special! Thank you so much and we appreciated it a lot!


In Our Eyes, We See The Difference ~ by TCW