{AWD} Celebrating MyChar

Venue : Kuala Lumpur


「my+」 said…
We been maintaining relationship from client to become friends, it is quite astonishing friendship if I've to put a word to describe.

Indeed, back in last quarter 2011 my wife and I decided to have second engagement of our own Pre-wedding shoot since June 2011, because the first engagement with the other Studio package wasn't really go well. That's why we decided to take on the second engagement, and this time we went to TCW. I learned to know him via Facebook advertisement. It wasn’t just stopped there, there were countless clicks, pages and photos being viewed before contacted TCW to meet up for the real portfolio and discussion.

From his portfolio, I spent approximate nearly half a day just to sit back and enjoying from the very beginning till date of his work. I can clearly see his improvement and progressively produce stunning works along the years goes by. I then have to go back to my pre wedding shot back in December 2011.

The session purely happened in the Singapore itself, I always wanted to do it in Singapore but given my tight schedule i will never have the chance to do it. TCW is one of the those who always willing to share his thoughts, skills, ideas, angles, perspectives, almost if you ask him everything he will answered with his knowledge pool as wide as he could.

He even allows me to bring my own DSLR so that I can do my own little shooting for my own work and memory too. I still remembered the first question I asked him during the first meet up, “Can I bring along my DSLR during the photo shooting session?” He did not hesitate and gave me the straight answer, “Why not?” From that moment, I know deep down in my heart, high chances to engage him as my Pre Wedding Shoot photographer as most of the Wedding photographers do not allow the couple to tag along their DSLRs. Trust me, I been through this when myself and my wife were questioning one studio follow by the others. The answer is pretty clear, “No camera during the photo shooting…”

Personally, I learned tons of stuffs from him. Not only the perspective, angle, skills and etc, there are attribute things like patience which you will find him when we talked about photography, his working attitude and so on. I dare to comment because I’ve been working with him when doing pre wedding shoot one of my wife’s friend back in June 2013. I could tell he can be very playful at times yet demonstrated the side of his professionalism.

Over the years, we been friends and chatting about the photography whenever he came to do shooting in Singapore. He is truly a selfless person, having great patience with a very good temper. Imagine that, when you doing photo shooting for the event which only happened once in your life time. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to engage hot temper and impatience, often show you black face and lack of communication. You would rather pick a person who always with good temper and patience that giving you guidance how to do posture, how to do sweetest facial expression in a well duplex communication way. So that subsequence shooting would provide you certain level of comfort zone to work with.