PLAYBACK of 2013

What a fruitful year that we had in 2013, visiting places, meeting new friends and taking on new challenges have topped my agendas. Expanding my photography realm into the underwater world this year is definitely one of the most remarkable milestone that TCW has built with the trusts from all of you. 

Exploring Bahau, rubbing the ring of east India prince in Langkawi, charmed by the flower scented dress of the princess in Batu Batu Island, the nice evening stroll in Kota Pekan, impressed by the friendly town of Sungai Pelek and discovered the different faces of Kuching have become part of my life memories which I will cherished for as long as I can remember. 

My friends from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, France, Britain, India, Japan, Thailand and Poland, let me express my deep gratitude to all of you. The experience and thoughts that all of you have shared with me are definitely beyond the description of words. 

After years of being a photographer, I still think that the best camera is our eyes. Capturing every life moments in my mind and helping others to achieve the same through every pictures that I have taken have given me the greatest satisfaction of all time. I appreciate every moment and all the people that I have captured under my lens over the year, although the only certainty in life is the end, your presence will not go in vain with the thousand words painted pictures. 

Goodbye 2013 and let us welcome 2014 with a bless year.