Venue : Kuala Lumpur


Alvin said…
very nice photos and nice working with you. As some of my friends said, the photos really show how happy everyone was during the day :)

thanks again!
Grace Koh said…
Right after my wedding day, I told myself I must write Tay a testimonial and I noted it down in my to-do list. One year on, even though we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I still have not pen it down. So here we go without further delay...

Why I am still so eager to write Tay a testimonial a year on is because he’s just simply amazing. We did not get the privilege to meet Tay before our wedding day so all we could do is to trust his professionalism.

There are many professional photographers out there but what made Tay stand out is that he is not just any professional photographer, he is one with a big heart. Tay has the talent to guide and lead you with ease. He’s not there to just photograph the wedding, he’s a part of your wedding.

As I’m finishing up on my wedding photobook (also one year late :D), the photos bring me back to what seemed just like yesterday and never fails to put a smile on my face. I feel very thankful and count my blessings for the opportunity to engage Tay as our wedding photographer. :)