Celebrating Boon Chia & Vinccy

We have unforgettable moment as we have our New Year Eve celebration and also our very first time visiting Alor Setar, Kedah. We really enjoy the beautiful scenery of the paddy field and we truly understand now why Kedah is called “rice bowl” as we can see clearly from our plane during arrival that every land is dotted green. We would like to say thank you to Boon Chia and Vinccy for spending their time, hospitality and companionship throughout our stay at Kedah. We really have a good time enjoying the delicious local foods of Kedah and we feel warm meeting new friends. We enjoy looking at some kids playing and fishing near the paddy field living in simple life at least not playing with tablet and smart phone. Boon Chia and Vinccy wish to have couple shooting at their hometown and is truly my pleasure for this shooting as the blue sky, green paddy field and sunny weather makes a perfect landscape. This lovely couple specially prepared the yellow boots for this shooting and their fast getting into the groove makes the shooting journey at ease.

Hereby, share some special moment captured.

Venue : Alor Setar