It's a story that start in Hong Kong 3 years ago and that’s where I met Rose for the first time when my previous client engaged her as their make up artist. She had once told me that if she is getting married, she would engage me for the shooting (which I thought she was just kidding) but she really keep her words and when she contacted me I was on a cloud overwhelmed. Like many Bride and Groom, Rose and Ka Ho spent a lot of days on preparation for this shooting and in order to look gorgeous, Rose even goes to gym everyday. Rose looked absolutely stunning wearing Vera Wang and Katie May gown and we are truly obsessed with her entire look. Thanks god the shooting goes well and sometimes making their “dream” happen and to capture smiles and emotions brought back passion and to give the best of me. Our favorite moment of the day was the intense emotions: love, laughs and friendship.

Venue : The Peak Garden, Central, Cargo and International Airport, Hong Kong