Vincent & Hien

Getting married isn't just about you and your husband. For Vincent and Hien, it's also about celebrating two families becoming one. Their wedding is quite a celebration because their families come from different cultural backgrounds, Malaysia and Vietnam. It was fun to capture Vincent & Hien wedding, as bride siblings also enjoy participating the gate crash games. Surrounded by their family and friends and joining two different cultures, sprinkle in a little bit of both, are a full-blown culture-filled wedding and prove true love is unconditional and no boundaries. Vincent are also thoughtful and caring groom as he chose accommodation for bride families which are located near the beautiful city center of KL so that they can enjoy the nearby attractions and sightseeing. Bride Hien warm giggles, happiness and joy are sparkle and beautiful. Here I share few favorite elements from their wedding. Congrats to Vincent Tan & Hien Le!

Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia